Back in January 2023, we were tasked with assisting the move of S & J Lewin Butchers from Derby city centre to Spondon Village following the annouced closure. Moving premises can be a challenging time for a business and when S & J Lewin Butchers faced this situation, it was important that they made their existing customers aware while also creating excitement in the local Spondon Community – the location where they were moving too.

This posed an interesting proposition for Magpie IT & Digital Marketing, we had to take into account the demographics of the current customer base and how we could best engage with them while also making the most of the marketing budget to generate the best results. 

How we started

At first, we set out a strategy, what kind of content would we post? Where would we post it? Will they be running advertising? How would we approach the older demogrpahics that made up a sizable portion of their audience?

After consulting the client, researching the area and understanding the demographics, we came up with the following marketing plan:

1. Social Media Campaign

2. Digital Advertising Campaign

3. Offline Print Campaign

Social Media Campaign

The client had already built up a considerable following on Facebook but was not making use of it, posting less than 10 times in the previous 6 months. We find this with a lot of businesses is simply due to a lack of time to create and post. We created a wealth of content to not only inform of the move but to engage with users to get their feedback and ideas to make them feel part of this move. This generated a real community spirit which was perfect with the type of business S & J Lewin Butchers is.

We began posting on a weekly basis with around 3 posts per week that generated a lot of excitment and even garned the interest of the local newspaper which ran a story on the busienss and even included the content that Magpie IT & Digital Marketing had created.

The results of this Social Media campaign was 17,000 people reached prior to the opening and another 21,000 people in the 2 weeks following the opening for a total of 38,000 people reached organically!

Digital Advertising

In addition to this, we also ran a paid advertising campaign in tandem with the Social Media campaign. This allowed us to reach users who were not connected with the S & J Lewin Butchers Social Media accounts and also allowed us to continually remind the local community about the opening, making them more likely to show up.

With a relatively small budget, we were able to reach more than 25,000 people in the local area within 1 month!

Offline Print Campaign 

We also designed and printed a number of flyers for S & J which they were able to hand out to customers while they were still open at their previous shop and also to deliver in the local area. To drive engagements, we provided an offer of 10% off when customers spent over £10 as a welcome offer.


To conclude, with the help of Magpie IT & Digital Marketing, S & J Lewin Butchers were able to successfully inform their customer base of their impending move as well as drive engagement and interest form the local community which ultimately brought more customers into the shop. 

If you are in need of some marketing help, get in touch with Magpie IT & Digital Marketing and let us see how we can help your business!