Domain names are the addresses of websites that you see in your address bar with a search engine – for example, is the domain name for Google. But why are Domain Names used? How do you even get one and do you even need one? We will be exploring these questions within this weeks Magpie Mail post!

What are they used for?

Without getting into too much of the technical details, Domain Names are linked to the IP Addresses which is where you can locate a website. An example of this is the BBC website. When you visit it, you see – this is being translated from the IP Address This is done by a system called DNS (Domain Name System).

You can imagine DNS as a large internet phonebook – you look up people’s names (the domains), but they are contacted via there number (in this analogy, the IP Address). 

Why should you have one?

Getting from the technicalities, why do you need a Domain Name? Well, most importantly, it promotes your brand. A Domain is used for both a website as well as email address. Having your business name prominent in these addresses makes your business look professional.

While usually a requirement for websites, many businesses and people do not use them within their email addresses, instead choosing to stick with default addresses such as @outlook and @gmail. This is something that can easily be resolved and makes your business look more competent and experienced. 

How are they Purchased & Managed?

So, you do not have a domain and you are looking to purchase one but how? Well once you have chosen the domain you wish to use, you can visit one of the many domain registrars to purchase a domain! These include GoDaddy, Ionos and 123Reg. You purchase a domain on a contract basis – usually defaulting to 1 year but can be increased.

You need to ensure that you manage your domain, keeping it contracted to avoid someone else being able to purchase it.

If you want any help purchasing or managing a domain, get in touch with us and we will help you get your perfect domain!